Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple Leaders

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Co- Presidents

Mike Iseri
Randy Kameshige
David Mizuta

Board of Trustees

2019-2021 -- Connie Tanaka, Grant Kitamura
2020-2022 – Howard Matsumura, Sue Uyeki
2021-2023 – Roy Hasebe, Mike Iseri

Board of Directors

2019-2021 Randy Kameshige, David Mizuta, Mary Ann Shimojima
2020-2022 Sandy Belknap, Mike Iseri, Connie Tanaka, Howard Matsumura, Sherri Kitamura
2021-2023 Karen Hata, Debbie Tanaka


Sandy Belknap

Mike Iseri

Recording Secretary

Position Open

Corporate Secretary

Randy Kameshige


Diahann Derrick

Corresponding Secretary

Sandy Belknap

Pledge Chair

Mary Ann Shimojima, Sandy Belknap, Mike Iseri

Bulletin Editor

Susan Inouye

Dharma School

Sandy Belknap
Lois Saito

Buddhist Education

Rev. Kathy Chatterton


Roy Hasebe


Randy Kameshige


(See Reverends Profile tab for more information on our ministers)
Rev. Jerry Hirano
Rev. Kathy Chatterton
Rev. Anne Spencer

Sunday Activities

10:00 am - IOBT Choir Practice
10:30 am - Adult Study
11:00 am - Family Service

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